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Frequently Asked Questions

Tucker University

"What is Tucker University?"

Tucker University is the most, complete, comprehensive quilt making course available today. Tucker University was written by Beth Sidley and Phyllis Fay who are both Studio 180 Certified Instructors. Tucker University was created based on the product line offered by Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design Tools and technique sheets.

"Who should take Tucker University?"

All quilters regardless of their experience can benefit from the quality of piecing achieved using the Studio 180 Design tools and techniques.

"Will we be making an entire quilt in class?"

The classes are set up as technique classes. Students taking a Tucker University Class you will gain new techniques without the obligation of having to complete a full quilt top. Students will make a variety of 4” finished blocks units in each class.

"Why take a technque class instead of a project class?"

By taking a technique class you improve specific skill without the stress of having to create an entire project. This also avoids creating another unfinished project.

"How long are the classes?"

The classes are set up to be approximately 3 hours in length, with the exception of the first class which will take closer to four hours.

"Can I only sew Studio 180 Designs Quilts using the Tucker Tools?"

Absolutely not, almost all quilts can be “Tuckerized” to work with the tools to ensure accurate piecing. The classes just teach you the techniques.

"What courses are offered?"

1. Tucker Trimmer & Shaded Four Patch
2. V Block & Sidekick & High/Low
3. Wing Clipper I & Pickets & Quickets
4. Square-squared & Little Houses
5. Corner Beam & Sliver
6. Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star
7. Corner Pop
8. Split Rects
9. Diamond Rects
10. Large Square Squared
11. Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star - Advanced I: Strip Pieced, Liberty &   Banded Lemoyne Star
12. Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star - Advanced II: Fussy Cut, Lemoyne as Triangles & Blazing Lemoyne Star
13.Migrating Geese

"What is the cost of attending a class?"

  Individual Class                     $30
                Three Classes              $80 ($10 savings)
                Six Classes                  $160 ($20 savings)
                9 classes                      $240 ($40 Savings)
                13 Classes                   $340 ($50 Savings)

"Do I have to take three classes in a row to get the savings or can I pick and choose which 3, 6 or 9 classes I would like to take?"

You are welcome to pick any 3, 6 or 9 classes to take to receive the discount. However, you must pick them at the same time. You can not come back later and ask for your discount.

"Okay, I registered for 3 classes but didn't see my discount, how do I get that?"

All discounts will be in the form of a gift card on the day of the class.

"What special toold and such will I need?"

Each class will require the appropriate Studio 180 Designs ruler. If you are unsure about purchasing the ruler you are welcome to rent a store ruler for $5. If at the conclusion of the class you decide you would like to purchase the ruler, you will receive $5 off the price of that ruler.

"Do I need to bring a sewing machine?"

If you do not want to hassle with loading and loading your machine you are more than welcome to rent one of Prairie Flower Crafts Sewing Machines. The price is $45 per day. You need to make arrangements with the store so that they can be sure to have you set up and ready to go prior to class.

"Do I have to take all the classes, or can I pick and choose which ones work best for myself and my schedule?"

You are more than welcome to pick and choose which classes you feel will be the most beneficial to you. If you aren’t sure about how much use you will get from the tool or unsure what to do with it, remember you can rent the ruler for the class and discover if this is the right option for you.

"How much fabric will I need to complete the classes?"

The fabric requirements for each class vary. We recommend that you use your “I wonder” fabric for the classes. (I wonder fabric is fabric that makes you say “What was I thinking”)

"Are you making blocks that will eventually be turned into a quilt?"

In each of the classes you will be making a variety of 4” finished units that you are more than welcome to arrange into a quilt.

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