First Blush Block of the Month

Hello ladies!

For all of you that have shown interest in the Block of the Month club, we are giving you first choice for opting in! It would seem that one other individual was going to be unable to join us, but that means that it will open up a slot.
Sharon, I believe that you had mentioned that you had someone that might be interested in joining? If so, just shoot us an email and we will call the class filled! If not, we will open it up online and first to confirm will have it.
We are SO excited about this 'Saturday Sampler'! It is a GORGEOUS pattern and the fabric choices are rich and beautiful. :)

The details, as I know you have all been waiting so patiently. And I know I said I would give more detail the other day - but I ended up having a child with an upset tummy who stayed home from school. :( She's better now - which means I get to send the goods! WOO-HOO!

First month is $49.95. This includes your First Blush Book, a ruler, and the fabric for the first two blocks. Subsequent months will be $25.00 and will include fabric for two blocks.
Being a part of the club will  give you access to an in-house class, cutting boards, irons, and other tools you may need. We plan to have these classes on the second Saturday of the month and we are tentatively looking at May as being our starting month!
So, the only thing we need you to do is confirm that you are going to be joining us! You may call or send an e-mail - whatever your preferred method of contact.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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