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February 2019 Newsletter

Hey, all you Quiltanistas and Sewanistas! (Terms used for people who LOVE to quilt and sew!)

First of all, I want to take this time to thank everyone for coming to our Super Bowl Sale! And, for making it such as success. It was great seeing everyone and we hope that you enjoyed doing your projects during the big game!

I wanted to let you know about some exciting events coming up this year!!! Remember to check your email and social media for all events and offers. Make sure we have your updated info! And, if you have a friend that you know would like to be on our email list – let us know so they can be a part of the PFC family!

In the works is our newest event, “Saturday Sampler” – more to come.

We are starting to compile somethings for a couple of retreats in the fall for our quilters too! Email us and let us know if you’re interested in retreats!

Throughout the year we will have certain fabrics marked down while highlighting the newest fabrics and latest trends. Hopefully, you can plan a day trip and come in to check out the new arrival of fabrics and kits by Riley Blake and Farmhouse. We should have them on our website soon too!

We’ll also have “featured items” like the sewing machine LED kit that was a huge success during our Super Bowl Sale. FYI - In case you wanted to purchase one but we were sold out, we just received another shipment of them! Just give us a call and it will be immediately sent to you. The price for this item is $33.95 plus tax, shipping, and handling.

This item isn’t found anywhere in this area. The inventor ships directly to us. If you’re not sure what this product is you can go to our Facebook page to view it. (Posted January 31) While you’re there make sure to “like” us!

 Starting in April, we are having our Block Buster Quilt block of the month! The awesome thing about this is you can either use new or scrap fabric! 

   Again, watch our social media posts for monthly specials! 

*** UNDER CONSTRUCTION! *** Coming this spring… We are changing and our website. This update will provide you with a more pleasant online shopping experience. (So many new things happening around here!) Speaking of construction we also have a newly revamped check-out area! New Year, new look...all around!


Give us your ideas for classes that you’d like for us to teach and for times that work best for scheduling. We are open to all suggestions for every level of learner. So, if you desire to learn a technique just message us on Facebook or reply to this email.

We do have one class that we will be offering soon! It will be for our beginners. In this class, they will learn how to read a pattern and understand definitions. Spread the word to everyone who would love to learn how to sew!

Also, I wanted to report that our Sip & Sew has become a favorite! Sip & Sew is our membership group that meets on the second Friday of each month from 6:00 pm to who knows when! It only costs $20.00 per year to join. The perks are spectacular! I promise you will not find a better deal anywhere.

With your Sip & Sew membership, you get 10% off your purchase throughout the year. That means every time you shop here you get this 10% discount. And, when you come to the Sip & Sew event you get 20% off your purchase that night. We provide you with free snacks and drinks, both unleaded and leaded! And the best part about this is that you’ll have a whole lot of fun and laughs with people who enjoy doing what you love to do – which is sewing.

The week before our Sip & Sew event (the first Thursday of each month) we do our Facebook “Live” videos on Facebook. If you “LIKE,” “COMMENT” and “SHARE” our Facebook “Live” video you will be entered into a drawing for a FREE prize.

When you come to the Sip & Sew event, all you have to bring is your project and sewing machine. If by chance you don’t have a project we will have assistants that night that can help you pick out a new one. If you don’t have a sewing machine, we have a few that you can use. But, you will need to let us know in advance so we can reserve it for you.

Speaking of assistants, we have a few new faces working for us that we’d like to introduce you to, Angie, Rhonda, and Amy.

Here’s a little bit about Angie. She’s a Family Consumer Science major (Home Economics.) She has sown for a long time and took up quilting about three years ago. When she came to work at Prairie Flower Crafts I taught her how to use the long arm and now she’s one of our experts. Angie finds the long arm to be as soothing as quilting.

What she enjoys most about her job are the customers. “They are my kind of people. They are friendly, creative, kind and willing to share.” She’s truly amazed at everyone’s creativity! Come in and say “Hi,” and bring your projects for her to quilt on the long arm.

As always, our store hours are 10:00 am – 4:30 pm, Monday through Saturday. Our website is still functional if you need to order. You can also find us on several social media sites – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Happy Quilting/Sewing!

Paula Royer

Prairie Flower Crafts & Quilting

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