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Tucker University is a series of technique classes for the Studio 180 Design Tools and Techniques. Tucker University is a new and exciting opportunity to help you, the quilter (novice and experienced) to build your skills and accuracy. Each class covers a different Studio 180 Design tool along with ways to expand the use of the tool.  You, as a student, will make 4" finished units so that you can combine and create new blocks.
The creativity is contagious!


Tucker University Tools & Patterns

Tucker University Class dates: Session 1  (click link)

Supply List         Tucker Trimmer I & Shaded Four Patch (sheet)
Supply List         V-Block & Sidekick & High/Low Sheets

Supply List         Wing Clipper I

Supply List         Square Squared

Supply List         Corner Beam

Supply List         Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star

Supply List         Corner Pop

Supply List         Saturday August 29, 2020             Split Rects

Supply List         Saturday September 26, 2020       Diamond Rects

Supply List         Saturday October 31, 2020            Large Square Squared

Supply List         Saturday November 28, 2020        Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star – Adv I:Strip
                                                                                     Pieces, Liberty & Banded Lemoyne Star

Supply List         Saturday January 30, 2021            Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star – Adv II: Fussy Cut
                                                                                     Lemoyne as Triangles and Blazing Lemoyne Star

Supply List         Saturday February 27, 2021          Migrating Geese

Class Fees

Individual classes               $30
Any 3 classes                     $80 ($10 savings)
Any 6 classes                     $160 ($20 savings)
Any 9 classes                     $240 ($30 savings)
All 13 classes                     $340 ($50 savings)
              All discounts must be applied from a one time purchase, no retro discounts given.  Discounts will be given in the form of gift cards day of class.

Rental of Rulers/Tools          $5.00/day
                 (if ruler is purchased directly after class, there will be a $5 deduction from the original price of the ruler)

Rental of Store Sewing Machine             $45/day
           (Neutral thread will be provided with rental fee)

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